First steps

# Instructions
1Click on the gear, and then click User Accounts.
2Select Actions and then Edit.
3Now you can add your address that appears on the invoices.

# Instructions
1Click on the gear, and then System Settings.
2Click on bills (in the footer).
3Set terms of payment and a logo. Hint: Insert also payment methods and your bank details.

# Instructions
1Please open PayPal and log in.
2Click on My Profile and then click More.
3Click on seller / dealer, and then click API Access (Update).
4Choose View API signature (on the right).
5Leave open the page and log in your Billingmaker-system. Click on the gear, and then System Settings.
6Click on Merchant Account in the footer. Fill out the fields.

# Instructions
1Click on Invoices (on the top) and then Create Invoice.
2Type in the clients name and click on Submit.
3Now you can edit the customer details by clicking on his name.

Articles can be inserted from the catalog. You can also add articles to the database.

Finally, you must change and save the state. Then you can download a PDF, copy the Guest-URL or send an e-mail.

Hint: You can submit your own invoice / quotes templates. More information.